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Important Program Reminders*

1.BE POSITIVE. Help your child learn to enjoy this sport and develop skills that he/she is capable of performing. Practice with, and help your child so that he/she will have an opportunity for skill improvement through active participation.

2. Be realistic about the strengths and weaknesses of your child so that you may place him/her in situations where he/she has the maximum opportunity for success.

3. Treat other parents, coaches, teammates, and staff with full respect.

4. Accept the decisions of the coaches without showing inappropriate emotions or actions.

5. Remember SC teaches a strong TEAM philosophy: PROGRAM FIRST, TEAM SECOND, INDIVIDUAL THIRD.

6. STAY POSITIVE. Keep negative comments to yourself. Express concerns only to coaches in a straightforward, fair, and objective manner. Inform the coaches of issues and conflicts as soon as they arise.

7. ASSUME GOOD INTENT! Do not make assumptions about anything. Always ask.

8. Help your child set realistic goals. The sport’s primary value is the opportunity for self-development. The probability of achieving lasting fame and glory is low; yet, their experiences allow them to develop lifelong values and self-esteem.

9.Do not call or text the staff, outside of business hours, unless it is an emergency. The staff needs to have their personal time away from work.

10. Siblings of athletes can’t come to the gym to watch practice unattended. An adult must supervise them in the lobby. We are happy to have you entertain your toddlers in our awesome play room. See the front desk for more information.

11. You cannot create or sell your own Spirit Central clothing or other items. The Spirit Central name, team names, SC, and LOGO are not allowed to be used on any apparel or merchandise. Please see the policy above.

12. The only people allowed in the gym are staff members and athletes that are on the Team Rosters. Parents, friends, relatives and siblings must remain in the lobby.

13. Anyone threatening to quit will be asked to leave immediately. No refund will be given and the cancellation fee will be applied.

14. All decisions about practices and routines are decided on by the gym owner and coaches. Parent opinions will not be discussed. The gym owner will offer seminars in the fall to educate parents on the scoring system, as to better inform gym families about how and why we set up our routines a certain way.

15. STAY POSITIVE. Do not gossip about other teams, coaches, parents, other gyms, or children. Again, if you have questions. ASK, rather than listen to nonsense or engage in irresponsible conduct.

16. It is the parent’s responsibility to stay informed. Check your email, our FB Info Group and your team Band regularly. If you aren’t receiving emails please contact the office immediately.

17. Coaches/Directors reserve the right to close practice viewing at any time. Meaning, if you are scheduled for viewing and the coaches/gym owner feels as though it is necessary the TV’s will be turned off. We will make every effort to contact parents in advance if this is to happen.

18.Withholding your child from practice cannot be used as a form of discipline. This will result in an unexcused absence.

19. Stay positive on social media. Don’t post negative comments about the gym, athletes or coaches at any time. Doing so could result in immediate dismissal from the program. Posting full routines on social media is forbidden by Varsity. Posting routines in a Facebook group or team bands is ok.

20.Profanity and/or rude language will not be tolerated.

21. Practice schedules can change. We will ALWAYS add practices before a competition if needed. Please be flexible.

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