Our Mission


Welcome to the Spirit Central Cheer Booster Club! Our purpose is to conduct and receive revenue from fundraisers, sponsorships, members’ dues, and spirit programs, as well as to bond together as one gym and generate enthusiasm to support the All-Star teams.

We are excited for the 2017-2018 Spirit Central season to get under way. We have an extremely talented group of kids and outstanding coaches that have put their heart and soul into making sure that Spirit Central succeeds as one of the top gyms in the nation. We welcome everyone and are looking forward to working with each family. We are here to ensure that the members of this organization are fully communicated to and that we answer any questions that you may have. Thank you for choosing us and let’s make this the best season yet!

Booster Club Mission statement:

We believe that our athletes need to be champions on and off the floor. Through gym unity and parental involvement we promote work ethic, sportsmanship, community service, and academic excellence.


We have two main objectives as your booster club. First, we provide fundraising opportunities for every family to help offset the costs of competitive cheer. In addition, we maintain the financial viability and sustainability of this organization through general fundraisers. Secondly, we promote gym unity through a family environment.


Booster Club Fundraising Program

Fundraising is an essential part of the success of any gym. This allows us to offset major and minor expenses to families. For this reason it is vital that our membership take an active role in supporting this endeavor.  Our fundraising efforts are divided into two parts:  The General Fund and Individual Donation Funds.

General Fund

  • The general fund is the operational budget for the year and the carry-over monies for the following years.
    • There are two mandatory fundraisers for the general fund this year.
    • Carry-over funds will be used to subsidize costs for next year for the members in good standing this year.
    • General funds pay for banquet gifts, travel gifts, team rooms at competitions, and more!


Individual Fundraising Program

This program has been designed to allow families to pay for competition and coaches fee (also referred to as Booster Fees) as well as incidental expenses (warm-ups, practice clothes, bow packages, shoes, cheer bag, etc.) by working events at Gillette Stadium or participating in other fundraisers as applicable. This allows families to offset the costs of competitive cheer.
Please contact the Booster Club for additional information at boosters@spiritcentralcheer.com.