2019-2020 All Star Evalutations

Date: 5/10/19 & 5/15/19
Time: 5:30PM-7:00PM Ages 3-10, 7:00PM-8:30PM Ages 11 & Up
Location: 189 Washington St. Auburn, MA

Why Spirit Central?

Spirit Central is one of the oldest cheer programs in Massachusetts with multiple locations throughout the state. We offer recreational and competitive cheer teams and classes. We also offer a one of a kind character development program teaching young girls and boys important traits such as, teamwork, trust, listening skills, sportsmanship, time management, confidence, work ethic, goal setting etc. Our SC families are our #1 fans because they see the physical and mental benefits for their children week-in and week-out.

At SC we have an All-Star team for everyone.

1) Athletes new to all-star cheer can be part of our FUNdamentals program with a 4 month recreational team participating in only in-house performances to build skills and confidence.

2) Athletes looking to branch out to some local 1 day competitions can try our All-Star Novice program with a 6 month recreational team participating in 1-day local competitions.

3) Athletes looking to be slightly more competitive, but still able to participate in a variety of other sports/activities can choose in our Full or Half Season All-Star Prep teams participating in 1 and 2-day competitions and possible drive-able travel.

4) Athletes looking for the full all star experience can join our Full Year All-Star Elite program participating in 1 and 2-day events, including travel trips.

Put your child on a path to reach their fullest potential by joining Spirit Central today!

So how do you become a part of Spirit Central?

First, fill out the form below to gain access to our 2019-2020 All-Star Information Packet!

2019-2020 All Star Evaluations