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Financial Agreement

Understand and agree to the following:
- I understand that the first installment is due on May 25th, 2022 in order for my athlete to be placed on a team.
- I understand that the gym membership fees are due on the 1st of each month (July- April) starting July 1st, 2022.
- I understand that I am required to keep a valid credit card on file. I understand that I may pay my tuition via cash or check prior to the 1st of each month and that any fees not paid by the 1st will result in an auto-withdrawal of my required fees on the 1st of each month. I understand that if my card is declined, I will have a 5 day grace period. After a 5 day grace period, I understand that I will be assessed a late fee. I also understand that if my account is NOT CURRENT as of the 5th of any month, my athlete will not be allowed to participate until my account is paid in full.
- I understand that monthly gym fees included in my payments include: annual tuition, choreography, skills camp (if applicable), routine music, competition fees (excluding summit/worlds/U.S Finals), locker rental & registration fee
- I understand that I am subject to a $30 late charge if payment is not made by the grace period allowed.
- I understand that bounced checks will be assessed a $30 fee.
- I understand that I am responsible for all additional fees associated with an all star team which could include: new uniform (if needed), practicewear (if needed), team warmup (if needed), sneakers, hair bow/hair pieces, USASF fee, trip t-shirts (if applicable), guest instructor fee (if applicable). Which ALL pro shop items will be invoiced through square and credits can not be used for those items.
- I understand and agree that by signing this contract I am solely responsible for all fees listed above which are associated with participating in a Spirit Central Team.
- I understand that If I choose to leave the program, or if I am asked to leave the program, prior to the end of the season (For ANY REASON) I understand that I will NOT be reimbursed for any monies previously paid and I will be charged a $250.00 cancelation fee. This cancellation fee will be charged to my card on file at the time of departure from the program.
Financial Agreement*
Payment Option*
Please see our all star packet for payment options, and circle the option you choose below.
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Athlete Vacation Policy

We encourage athletes to take vacation time to spend with family and friends. All athletes will be allowed to miss a total of 4 practices during the Summer/Fall months (June-October) for planned family vacations. All vacations must be documented in writing on the athlete vacation/time off form (available at front desk) by the teams first practice to allow coaches to plan accordingly.
Vacations are NOT permitted during competition season (November-April), unless the gym is closed and the athlete has already cleared it with their team contact. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.
We encourage all families to book travel on the days the gym is closed throughout the season:
Memorial Day- 5/31
4th of July Break- 7/1-7/10
Labor Day- 9/5
Columbus Day- 10/10
Halloween- 10/31
Thanksgiving Break- 11/23-11/27
Winter Break- 12/23- 1/1
Presidents Day- 2/20

The gym is open for the following holidays and teams will practice:
Veterans Day- 11/11
Martin Luther King Day- 1/16
Valentines Day- 2/14

Athlete Attendance Policy

We encourage all athletes to take time off to spend with family and friends! However, All Star Cheerleading is a team sport and athlete attendance is crucial to team success. Therefore, it is imperative that all teams have full team practices. All absences must be approved by the Team’s contact.
Attendance is crucial to the success of any team. Therefore, practices are mandatory during the competitive season (November - April). All absences, with the exception of unexcused absences, MUST be approved by the team coach at least two weeks in advance. In addition to the four absences allowed in the summer months (see summer vacation policy below), all star elite athletes will be given three UNEXCUSED absences that can be used at any time throughout the season. Full year all star prep and novice athletes will be given five unexcused absences that can be used at any time throughout the season.

EXCUSED ABSENCES (Still contact team coach for approval) *All excused absences must have documented proof*
Serious illness (Doctor's Note Required)
Family emergencies/ Death of a Family Member
Scheduled Vacations per vacation policy listed above.
Graded School Events (coach must be notified at least 2 weeks in advance)
Covid Exposure

School dance/School project/Too much homework/studying
Traffic/Don’t have a ride
Punishment for behavior at home/Grounded
Sick sibling or parent at home so parent/guardian cant drive
Feeling tired/Taking a break today
School cheer/ School sports practice
Minor Illness
Sleepover with Friends
Day Trips to the beach, Six flags, water country, ect. (not part of scheduled vacation days off)
School Tours and Open Houses
Birthday Parties

COMPETITION SEASON: Athletes MUST be present for the 3 PRACTICES PRIOR TO A COMPETITION. If an athlete misses any of these 3 practices for any reason (excused or unexcused) it will result in the athlete not being allowed to compete at that particular event. This is to ensure athlete and team success. We do understand that sometimes the reason for an athlete missing one of the 3 practices is a valid one. However, the policy will still be put into place and the athlete will not be allowed to participate in that event, no matter what the circumstances. Coaches will determine when the athlete can return to the routine, and in what capacity (based on the number of scheduled practices between competitions).
*Gym owner reserves the right to adjust this policy due to extenuating circumstances*

Athlete Injury Policy

INJURIES If an injury should occur, it is the responsibility of the parent to seek professional help. Each athlete must have his/ her own medical insurance. After seeing a physician, please provide SC with an evaluation of the athlete’s injury/ status. A release from a doctor is required if any injury should occur in which the athlete has limitations or will be out for any amount of time. Once released by a doctor to return to activities, Coaches will determine when the athlete can return to the routine, and in what capacity (based on the number of scheduled practices prior to competitions).
Please Note: Athletes are still responsible to pay monthly fees for the term of the athletic contract even in the case of a season-ending injury. Athletes must attend all practices and competitions during injuries.

Fall School Sports & Town Sports Commitments

SC will allow athletes to miss up to one hour of practice per week during the FALL sports season only! Athletes will NOT be allowed to miss any amount of practice for outside sports teams or activities during the winter and spring seasons. This includes arriving late or leaving early to their SC team practice. Athletes and their families are expected to provide team coaches a practice schedule and game schedule upfront. During the winter/spring, athletes will be allowed to participate on outside teams ONLY if the schedule does not interfere with their current SC team. Athletes will not be allowed to miss practice for these teams in the winter/spring months even if the outside practices or games are rescheduled. For example: if you are on an outside team during the winter/spring season and your team's regular practice schedule is every weekday 3 p.m. -5 p.m. and your coach adds a makeup practice during a slot that interferes with your SC team, this absence will NOT be excused.
*Gym owner reserves the right to adjust this policy due to extenuating circumstances*


During the competition season, all star elite athletes will be expected to travel (exceptions: Mini Elite). Some athletes will travel to national events out of the state. Transportation to competitions is the responsibility of each team member and his/her family. All Team members will wear the uniform, warm-ups or designated Spirit Central clothing to each event. These costs are your responsibility.

Uniforms & Attire

Please keep all Spirit Central Clothing, Warm-Ups and Uniforms in good condition. Please report any lost or damaged uniform items to your coach. The cost of replacement will be the responsibility of the athlete. Athletes must wear all assigned practice wear to practice. Athletes will NOT be allowed to wear jewelry to practice. We highly encourage all athletes to wear sports bras to practice. However, Spirit Central does not allow exposure of the midriff. Sports bras WILL NOT be allowed to be worn on their own. Athletes of all ages must keep their midriff covered. SC assumes NO responsibility for lost jewelry or any valuables.

Attention Parents/Guardians/Friends:

Customers are NOT ALLOWED to create apparel, gear or merchandise of any type representing our program. This includes, but is not limited to: the name “Spirit Central”, “SC”, the SC LOGO, team names, gym hashtags or slogans (#scforever, #tigernation, “Different From The Rest'' etc). In addition, individuals are NOT ALLOWED to solicit the SC customer base to sell merchandise of any type, for any reason. Failure to adhere to this policy would result in removal from the program.
You cannot create, sell, or collect customer orders on your own Spirit Central clothing or other items.

Team Placement

All athletes are placed on a team at the discretion of the coaches. Age, experience & ability all factor into placement. Please understand that athletes may be repositioned, moved or replaced at any time at the discretion of the coaches. Any changes are made to benefit the team as a whole. Parents and athletes will be involved in all discussions which may result in an athlete being moved from one team to another.

Parent Viewing Hours

Parents are not allowed to come onto the practice floor for any reason. We will have designated viewing times for all teams. Each team will have a calendar schedule in which the TVs in the lobby will display the team practice. Please keep in mind that all discussion in the lobby about team practices should be positive and encouraging. Negativity will not be tolerated and will result in canceled viewing hours. Questions or concerns about practices should be directed to the team coaches. *Please keep in mind during scheduled team viewing time coaches have the right to allow other teams onto the floor to perform full out routines or sections.We do this often as it creates camaraderie within the gym.
Gym owners and coaches have the right to close viewing if they feel necessary.
Please note: Tumbling Classes will ALWAYS be open for viewing.

Social Media

All Spirit Central team members are required to display appropriate behavior/actions on all social media platforms. We will not tolerate negative posts, comments, INAPPROPRIATE routines or music on Social Media, YouTube, Tik Tok, or any website. TIK TOK VIDEOS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE CREATED IN THE SPIRIT CENTRAL FACILITY OR IN SC ATTIRE unless approved by a team coach or staff member. Routine videos are NOT ALLOWED to be posted onto any public social media page. However, posting routine videos in the private facebook group or team bands IS ALLOWED. Athletes are not allowed to use the SPIRIT CENTRAL NAME, OR THEIR TEAM NAME as any social media profile name nor are they allowed to create team or group pages, or accounts without permission from coaches.


If any of the Spirit Central rules are compromised, the following actions will occur:
• 1st Violation: Discussion with the athlete defining the problem. (Parents will be emailed)
• 2nd Violation: A meeting with the athlete & the parent(s).
• 3rd Violation: The athlete will removed from the team or program
Note: If an athlete is removed from the program due to ongoing disciplinary infractions the athlete is forfeiting all monies paid to date and a $250 fee will be applied to the athletes account and the card on file will be run.
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Important Program Reminders

1. BE POSITIVE. Help your child learn to enjoy this sport and develop skills that he/she is capable of performing. Practice with, and help your child so that he/she will have an opportunity for skill improvement through active participation.
2. Be realistic about the strengths and weaknesses of your child so that you may place him/her in situations where he/she has the maximum opportunity for success.
3. Treat other parents, coaches, teammates, and staff with full respect.
4. Accept the decisions of the coaches without showing inappropriate emotions or actions.
5. Remember SC teaches a strong TEAM philosophy: PROGRAM FIRST, TEAM SECOND, INDIVIDUAL THIRD.
6. STAY POSITIVE. Keep negative comments to yourself. Express concerns only to coaches in a straightforward, fair, and objective manner. Inform the coaches of issues and conflicts as soon as they arise.
7. ASSUME GOOD INTENT! Do not make assumptions about anything. Always ask.
8. Help your child set realistic goals. The sport’s primary value is the opportunity for self-development. The probability of achieving lasting fame and glory is low; yet, their experiences allow them to develop lifelong values and self-esteem.
9.Do not call or text the staff, outside of business hours, unless it is an emergency. The staff needs to have their personal time away from work.
10. Siblings of athletes can’t come to the gym to watch practice unattended. An adult must supervise them in the lobby. We are happy to have you entertain your toddlers in our awesome play room. See the front desk for more information.
11. You cannot create or sell your own Spirit Central clothing or other items. The Spirit Central name, team names, SC, and LOGO are not allowed to be used on any apparel or merchandise. Please see the policy above.
12. The only people allowed in the gym are staff members and athletes that are on the Team Rosters. Parents, friends, relatives and siblings must remain in the lobby.
13. Anyone threatening to quit will be asked to leave immediately. No refund will be given and the cancellation fee will be applied.
14. All decisions about practices and routines are decided on by the gym owner and coaches. Parent opinions will not be discussed. The gym owner will offer seminars in the fall to educate parents on the scoring system, as to better inform gym families about how and why we set up our routines a certain way.
15. STAY POSITIVE. Do not gossip about other teams, coaches, parents, other gyms, or children. Again, if you have questions. ASK, rather than listen to nonsense or engage in irresponsible conduct.
16. It is the parent’s responsibility to stay informed. Check your email, our FB Info Group and your team Band regularly. If you aren’t receiving emails please contact the office immediately.
17. Coaches/Directors reserve the right to close practice viewing at any time. Meaning, if you are scheduled for viewing and the coaches/gym owner feels as though it is necessary the TV’s will be turned off. We will make every effort to contact parents in advance if this is to happen.
18. Withholding your child from practice cannot be used as a form of discipline. This will result in an unexcused absence.
19. Stay positive on social media. Don’t post negative comments about the gym, athletes or coaches at any time. Doing so could result in immediate dismissal from the program. Posting full routines on social media is forbidden by Varsity. Posting routines in a Facebook group or team bands is ok.
20. Profanity and/or rude language will not be tolerated.
21. Practice schedules can change. We will ALWAYS add practices before a competition if needed. Please be flexible.
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